Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Even as busy as we have been, Ben has been a real trooper.  I was lucky enough to be out with him all last week.  He loved spending time with his sister, even though we could not go anywhere.  We have to wait until Reese is a little older and bigger to take her to large crowds. On a last minute whim,  One day we did take Ben to the Children's Museum in Greenville.  He really liked it.  The only thing was that I was disppointed that adults were charged the same admission price as the kids.  $36.00 for the 3 of us was a little steep, but I guess it was worth it if he liked it.
Ben was great at the museum and after seeing so many other kids, made me even more proud that he really is so good.

Ben being his jokester self

Ben and I outside.  You can see him if you look hard.  

Me teaching Ben how to ring up his items.  He loved the pretend grocery store.  

Filling his buggy with lots of stuff

Milking the cow.

Moving the rocks in the construction site

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Stacy said...

We haven't visited the museum yet but it looks like fun!

That does sound a little pricey though. I think one Thursday out of the month is only $2 but it's in the afternoon.