Thursday, March 26, 2009

Not much going on...

Or so it seems to the on lookers.  We have been very busy here at the L house.  Ben is doing great with his potty training.  He is having some accidents, but mommy is being very patient and knows that when he is ready, it will be smooth sailing.  He is doing so well in preschool.  He has started to read and can recognize all the kids names in his class as well as other words such as daddy, dog and most Star Wars terms.  His class has been very busy with their shapes and important phone numbers.  His teachers are great this year and I know we will miss them next year.  
We are gearing up for Ben's 3rd Birthday party.  It is going to be low key this year, but lots of fun!!!  Ben keeps informing me that certain Star Wars guys are sure to visit him on this special day, but latest word from them is that it is not going to happen this year.  Keep your fingers crossed, though.  
I will be starting a new job soon.  I will be with the same company, but have a different position. For the last 2 years, I have served as a Case Manager for unemployed and underskilled job seekers.  It is a fun, and stressful, job but has WAY too much paperwork, thanks to state audits.  I have had as many as 125 people on my case load and I work exclusively with them to prepare them for job and new careers.  It is rewarding, and I get to counsel them on many subjects.  In a few weeks, I will be moving into my new role as Resource Center Coordinator.  I will be supervising the Customer Service team (Employment Resource Specialists), working with our partners and managing the resource center where anyone can come in and look for work.  I will no longer have a case load, but will work with everyone who comes in on a short time basis.  I will miss my private office, where I dictated my time, but this position will be great!!!
We are still working on finalizing house plans.  I will be meeting with a few builders in the next few weeks to get the plans I have found all put together and hopefully get started early summer.  It is already so stressful, but the more I stay in this "way too small place with a very active 3 year old", the more ready and committed I am.  
I am still, successfully, doing Weight Watchers.  I admit that I did not start with my first declaration of needing to lose weight, but started back on Feb 20.  I have lost 10 pounds so far, and hope to lose 20 more for the summer.  I am doing the online program, and entering my food really makes me accountable.  
I have not posted any recent pictures because I have not taken many lately.  I desperately need a new camera and really need to look into getting one.  
I am ready for SPRING!!!

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Michelle said...

He is reading? Holly crap. I can't believe it. I need to get em in school. Where is he going?

We are working on the potty thing too...ugh

Congrats on the new job. YEA!!!

Let me know about the house. Also, what church you going to easter or are you?