Sunday, June 15, 2008

Why I love my Daddy

1. My daddy is the funniest person I know...
When he changes my diaper, he says "Shoo Wee", puts a shirt around his face, cream under his nose and coughs and gags. He still does it and it makes me laugh, especially when mommy rolls her eyes at him.
He taught me one of my favorite songs, "Elvira". He sings part of the song, but lets me sing the Oom Papa Mow Mow part.
2. He tucks me in at night and makes sure there are no monsters, dinosaurs or snakes in my room.
3. He gets me up in the mornings. We eat pancakes and watch cartoons.
4. He works hard so that I can have nice things.
5. He taught me some cool dance moves
6. He bought me some real light sabers and introduced me to Star Wars. Mommy says that he is a nerd, but I like the lights and the swoosh swoosh sounds they make.
7. I hear him say that he is learning a lot of patience as a daddy. I think that he does a great job.
8. He loves me so much that he sometimes cries.
9. He calls me his little dude.
10. He is my mommy's best friend and always tells her that he loves her too.


Dotted Deer Boutique said...

THis is so sweet, I have tears in my eyes!

Anna said...

I think this is absolutley adorable! Ben is one lucky boy to have such a great father but also a wonderful mom!!