Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ben's Been to Camp Pat

So, my mother has been asking for months for Ben to come and stay at her house for a couple of days. She always drives here to see him, but wanted to introduce him to Smalltown, GA. I kept putting it off because I was not ready to part with Ben for more than 1 overnight stay. Well, I finally gave in. We met halfway on Saturday, I cried all the way home and she brought him back on Tuesday. Yes, he was gone for 3 nights. We (Benji and I) made it through the weekend and I managed to get some things cleaned out and thrown away. We went out one evening, I went to a movie with my bestest one day, and we had a disaster-free house for a few hours.
Well, Ben came back even more spoiled. Not only did they attend a cookout where the family had a real tractor, new kittens, goats and ice cream, they also went swimming, attended VBS, and momma took Ben to the movies for the first time. They went and saw Kung Fu Panda and that is all Ben has been talking about. Momma said he sat in his chair the entire time mesmorized by the movie screen. He now has toys from the movie and is attempting some type of karate chop.
I remember being (and still am) completely spoiled by my grandparents, and we are very fortunate to have them in our lives. Some people have to beg for sitters, we sometimes have to make arrangements to keep our own child. :)
Here are a few pics from the weekend at Camp Pat!

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