Thursday, February 19, 2009

Little things that make me smile...

So, Ben's imagination as really come to life in the last few months. He will sit by himself and play and it is so cute to watch. One minute he is Batman trying to get the Joker, the next minute he is a cowboy shooting at the indians, and the next he is Anakin Skywalker and is going after the robots. It is so cute to hear him talk about all his toys.
He is finally getting better with going to bed. He still wants me to lay down with him, but I no longer have to stay there half the night, and he does not fuss when I get up. Why should I ever complain when he wants to prolong sleeping to snuggle and laugh with his mommy?? My sleep time is way overrated! He loves to play shadow puppets while we are laying on his bed. My hand becomes the big bird who is looking for some food. The bird talks to Ben about random things and Ben thinks it is the funniest thing. Ben also likes to tell me about his day while we are laying there in his bed and usually will sing the new song that he learned. He apparently has learned a new song at school about building a house, because he was pretend hammering and sawing a house last night. He talked about his tools on his seat belt (aka took belt) and actually held his hands together like a book and pretented to "read a map" for intructions (instructions) on how to build it. I swear that boy makes me laugh!

Here are some recent conversations with Ben:

Ben ran into the living room from the kitchen and suddenly said "Ouch, my running knee hurts"
Me: "Your what?"
Ben: "My running knee"
Me: "What exactly is your running knee"
Ben: Pointing to his knee, "the knee that makes me run"
Carly: "Oh, well, are you ok?
Ben: "Yes, but you need to kiss it"

Most of you know my love of the Young and the Restless. It is about the only thing that I watch on TV and thank goodness, I can catch it on Soapnet each night at 7:00. Ben usually is playing while it is on, but apprently has been paying more attention than I thought!
A few nights ago, Ben asked to watch Spongebob (it comes on afterwards). I turned on Y&R and told him that Spongebob would be on later.
Ben: " I do not want to watch the Young and Restless, mommy"
Me: "Please, Ben. let mommy relax for a few minutes until daddy gets home.
Ben: "I am tired of Victor, he is not a good guy"

and my favorite...
Ben: "mommy, I love you past the moon. You are my best friend."

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